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Emergency Services and Security Consulting

What is EMC?

At Emergency Management Consulting, we have curated a collection of services available to your organization, whenever you need them. Our Emergency Management Consulting service is equipped to assess your organization’s needs and provide solutions so that your personnel can adapt and overcome emergency situations.

Fire and EMS Consulting

Fire Services are often called upon to handle a crisis when other agencies do not know what
to do, and therefore must be trained, equipped, and ready to respond to all types of
situations. The task of developing a master plan is therefore critical as the
organization moves forward, ensuring the most efficient use of resources as the service continues to meet the demands of the community.

Emergency Medical Services are evolving quickly with medical research, evidence-based protocols, new technologies, increasing demands, and evolving programs such as community paramedicine. With these rapid evolutions, EMS face challenges of keeping pace, serving within fiscal restraint, training requirements, and continually enhancing the opportunities to benefit the community.
Our EMC services provide assistance to Fire Services, EMS, and their governing agencies to help them reach their performance goals through comprehensive consultations covering:

Case Studies

When a large multi-site hospital organization faced security challenges, EMC provided a team of experts to conduct a CPTED and security review, including assessing training levels, electronic security, ability to respond to threats, and solutions to ensure all staff and patients are in a safe environment. Security Master Plans and audits are an important component to keep staff, visitors, and assets safe.
Following several major disasters, a provincial Auditor General’s office contracted EMC to assist with a review/audit of how the provincial emergency management organization was preparing for and responding to disasters. The EMC team of experts from across Canada provided researched and objective perspectives. Our teams have also provided post-incident reviews for several disasters ranging from wildfires and tornadoes to ransomware attacks.
Following years of developing pandemic plans, when the COVID pandemic occurred several national and international companies turned to EMC to provide guidance and support, helping to keep the organizations operating throughout the crisis. Pandemic and business continuity plans are critical for companies to succeed during health crises.

Emergency Preparedness

EMC has the expertise to prepare your organization to run professionally and effectively when disaster strikes. Being prepared means much more than evacuating a building in the event of a fire. Being truly prepared is having a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan based on the risks along with a crisis communications plan.

We will work with you to:

  • Identify the hazards and complete a risk analysis
  • Identify and provide prevention and mitigation opportunities to reduce downtime.
  • Implement the Incident Management System (IMS) / Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Develop comprehensive emergency preparedness and response plans/procedures
  • Train staff in risk reduction and emergency procedures
  • Develop business continuity and recovery plans to return to “normal” as soon as possible

Industry-specific approaches allow you to be sure the right plan is in place for your needs. Whether you are operating in the Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality, or Government our team has the expertise and experience to prepare your organization.

Telecommunications & 9-1-1 Consulting

EMC can assist your organization with Strategic Planning, program review, agency integration, and staff training to help them reach peak performance.

Different call centres may offer specialized services, but they all share common functions. EMC provides tailored services covering:

Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis (HIRA)

Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis is the foundation of developing a comprehensive emergency management plan. Examining the hazards and determining the potential risks allows your organization to put prevention and mitigation strategies into place, avoiding and reducing the implications.

There are 3 steps required to complete the HIRA process:

Hazard Identification

Determining what visible and hidden risks apply

Risk Assessment

Assessing the probability and the potential consequence of the risks

Prioritizing The Risks

Determine where your time and energy should be focused

Our experienced EMC team utilizes their resources to complete the HIRA providing an outside perspective and starting the various stages of the plan.

Business Continuity & Operational Resiliency

Business Continuity and Operational Resiliency Planning is critical to ensure that your organization continues to be operational and profitable following an incident.