5 December 2022

Natural Disasters Expo: 4 Expos, 2 Days, 1 Unmissable Event

What is the Natural Disasters Expo? A hub of innovation and collaboration for Asia and beyond. Four events over 2 days bringing together the top minds and most influential people in disaster prevention and response.

The four expos are:

Heat & Fire Expo

  • Understand the destructive force of heat & fire.
  • Solutions to deal with fires, overheating, and mitigate fire-related damage.

Earthquake Expo

  • Understand the devastating effects of earthquakes.
  • Solutions to detect seismic activity and save lives.

Flood Expo

  • Understanding one of the most costly natural disasters in Asia.
  • Solutions to prevent, mitigate, and manage flooding.

Storm Expo

  • Understanding how to alleviate the damage caused by storms, tropical storms, hurricanes, and cyclones.
  • Solutions for travel, cleaning, chemical hazards, and storm tracking.

Over 100 Speakers


Bruce Wong: Development Adviser – Resilience Adviser Network

Alberto Bertocco: CAE S.p.A

Charis Chan: Director of Global Engagement – Singapore Red Cross

Zheng Kaiyuan: Senior Meteorologist – ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre

Dr. Satyanarayan a Patnaikuni: MunichRe

Lee Lin Sheng Ambrose: Acting Head of the Centre of First Aid & Life Support – Singapore Red Cross Academy and Society

What’s On?

Innovation Awards – Recognizing proven innovators that are transforming different areas of the Risk Management and Disaster Prevention & Recovery industry.

Innovation & Technology – Allows visitors to discover the world’s top suppliers’ newest products and technologies from the Fire Protection System, Access Flooring System, Industrial Fire and Safety and Rescue Products, etc.

Community Networking Zone – Designed to provide local Associations, Project Managers, Private Contractors, and Government Service Officials a dedicated place to network and connect for the benefit of communities. It also provides lucrative opportunities for expansion and success in the industry.

Live Demos & Simulations – Have a look at some of the latest tech developments in fire protection solutions. The fire and gas detection system, water spray system, and foam system, all uphold vital public safety and security.

The Investors Lounge –  Will showcase the most groundbreaking, potentially life-changing solutions and technology coming to market which combat the impact of, or aim to prevent natural disasters.

The Risk Management Training Academy – Will offer the latest analytic insights into real estate risk analysis. The latest technology and data insights will be revealed by industry experts akin to CoreLogic as well as an array of hands-on training sessions and round table discussions.

Who Attends?

The ultimate opportunity to meet thousand’s of the world’s top suppliers, experts, and disaster relief service providers. Visitors to the show include:

  • Federal Government
  • Business Owners
  • First Responders
  • Specialists
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Global Heads of sustainability, environmental, marketing, and waste management companies
  • Directors of regulatory affairs, policy, and innovation.
  • policymakers
  • Academics
  • Investors
  • Philanthropists
  • And more

Again, these four expos run concurrently on December 7th and 8th in Singapore and tickets are completely free! Just head over to the website to learn more and order your tickets.

5000+ visitors, 300+ exhibitors, 200+ seminars, 100+ live demos, and more. You do not want to miss the Asia 2022 Natural Disasters Expo.