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Winter Emergency Preparedness

Winter Emergency Preparedness Tips for Businesses

Winter can bring a picturesque landscape, but it can also bring a host of challenges, especially for businesses. Snowstorms, freezing temperatures, power outages, and icy conditions are just some of the winter-related risks that can disrupt operations. In this
Emergency Services Training For Employees

The Benefits of Emergency Services Training for Employees

In today’s unpredictable world, businesses are faced with various challenges, including the need to prepare for emergencies and crises. When it comes to emergency response, your employees are your first line of defence.  Properly trained employees can make the
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment And Its Role In Emergency Services Consulting

In a world filled with uncertainties, the ability to prepare for and respond to emergencies is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Risk assessment plays a central role in this preparedness, helping organizations identify potential hazards and develop strategies
Emergency Response Tips

10 Emergency Response Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to emergency preparedness. Limited resources and manpower can make it challenging to develop effective emergency response plans. However, with the right guidance and a commitment to safety, small
Cyber Attacks

The Rise of Cyber Attacks: Understanding the Threat Landscape

In our digitally connected world, cyber attacks have become an ever-increasing threat. The consequences of these attacks are far-reaching, affecting individuals, organizations, and even entire nations. Understanding the rise of cyber attacks and the evolving threat landscape is crucial
Leadership within a Fire Service

Leading with Courage: Leadership within a Fire Service

Leadership within a fire service is a unique and demanding role that requires a distinct set of skills, qualities, and a deep commitment to public safety. Firefighters and first responders face life-threatening situations regularly, making effective leadership paramount for


Episode 10- Featuring Dan Hefferton – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

This week’s episode welcomes an expert in threat management, emergency management analysis, and weapons training, Dan Hefferton. Join host Darryl Culley as he speaks to Dan about the rise of cyber attacks, how to maximize the effectiveness of training, and why perfection is a goal that should never be achieved. “Perfection is the end of growth.

Episode 9- Featuring Larry Brassard – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

Episode 8- Featuring Ali Asgary – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

This week’s episode welcomes Professor of the Disaster and Emergency Management Master’s Degree program at York University, Ali Asgary. Join Host Darryl Culley as he talks to Ali about the emerging technologies that are helping fight all kinds of disasters (even some not available to the wider public yet!).

Episode 7- Featuring Kris Liivam – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

This week’s episode welcomes someone who is an expert in safety consultancy, instructing, and volunteer response, President of Arctic Fire Safety Services Limited, Kris Liivam.

Episode 6 – Featuring Brian Hutchinson – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

This week’s pod welcomes North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service Chief, Brian Hutchinson, who has a fairly unique accomplishment under his belt: he leads one of the few accredited fire services in Canada! 🎙️

Episode 5 – Featuring Alain Normand – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

This week’s pod welcomes author, teacher, and emergency management expert, Alain Normand. If you’ve been looking at the incredible support pouring into Ukraine and wondering how exactly it all works, this episode is for you! 🎙️

Episode 4 – Featuring Les Karpluk – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

Join host Darryl Culley as he speaks with Les Karpluk, a fire chief with over 40 years of experience. The two talk recruitment, retention, and how fire services can do their best to groom the next generation of leaders. 🎙️

Episode 3 – Featuring Tracey Lowey – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

Join host Darryl Culley as he speaks with Tracey Lowey, Crime Analyst for the Calgary Police Service. Tracey also teaches Crime and Intelligence Analysis, Aberrant Behaviour and Critical Analysis of Forensic Science at Mount Royal University.

Episode 2 – Featuring Rick Monkman – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

When you need a Community Risk Assessment done, he’s the first call you’ll make! This episode of Conquering Chaos & Mayhem welcomes Rick Monkman, 40 year veteran of the emergency services and leading expert in CRA.

Episode 1 – Featuring Lyle Quan – Conquering Chaos & Mayhem – An EMG Podcast

Lyle’s highly regarded reputation in the fire service is earned through previous positions with the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management, the Ontario Fire College, and several municipalities throughout Ontario. He also served as the Commissioner of Community Services and Fire Chief for the City of Waterloo, and has worked with organizations across the globe.