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Standby Emergency Response Support

What is EMR?

When disaster strikes, you can use all the help you can find. At Emergency Management Rescue, we offer supplementary rescue services to back you in a time of crisis. Emergency Management Rescue personnel are trained to mitigate any chance of casualty, in the event of an emergency.

Types Of Rescue Services We Provide

Case Studies

When workers are sent to maintain or clean the bioreactors at a federal water treatment facility, EMR is there providing standby teams to watch over the workers in the hazardous environment. In one week, our team identified two workers entering the confined space without properly working PPE, preventing potential life safety risks.
Canada’s capital city utilizes EMR to provide a rope rescue team whenever maintenance or rehabilitation is done on the city’s water towers. Having a team monitor for risks and be able to react immediately can prevent critical injuries. Keeping workers safe is our priority.
When the federal government commissioned a clean up of a harbour that was filled with radioactive and toxic chemicals, EMR provided a water/ice rescue team on site for 16 months to protect the onsite workers. Our team’s assets included setting up an onsite first aid trailer along with having a rescue boat and PWC for rescues.