18 September 2023

Power Outage: Items You’ll Be Glad To Have!

Whatever the cause, power outages can be a dangerous nuisance that can put life on hold for at least a few hours.
Safety is always the top priority, but once you and your family are settled, comfort can also be a concern. So, alongside the usual first aid kits, water, non-perishable food, and other essentials, here are some extra items that will make things easier when the power goes out.


One of the key items in your emergency kit should always be a flashlight, but if you want to go a step further, get a headlamp too! Trust us, not having to hold a flashlight all the time and freeing up both hands makes some tasks a whole lot easier.

Power Bank

A power outage sucks, but do you know what could make it even worse? A power outage at 8 P.M. when your phone is sitting at around 25%.
There are many options when it comes to power banks, including ones with multiple ports to charge many devices at once, ones with surge protection, and even some that can recharge with solar power! Whichever one you choose, you’ll be glad to have a way to charge up your devices.


Power outages can be a boring business, especially if you have some young ones to look after. Making sure you have a few board games handy (you can even play at night with the headlamp!) or even a deck of cards will help you pass the time a bit easier.

Portable Fan

If the power goes out in the summer, you could be in for a hot couple of hours. Having a battery-powered fan can help keep you cool, especially if you’re trying to sleep. Who hates a hot, sticky summer sleep as much as we do?

Camp Stove

If you rely on an electric range, you won’t be cooking anything if the power goes out. Having a camp stove handy when things go dark means you can actually prepare some hot meals while you wait for the lights to come back on.
Important: Always use these devices outside! Carbon monoxide is the silent killer!

Jerry Can

Power outages can come seemingly out of nowhere and if your car is running on fumes, you ain’t going anywhere (many stations can’t operate during an outage). Having a Jerry can with some spare gas means you won’t be stuck at home if you happen to be planning a fill-up tomorrow.
Alternatively, most emergency services recommend keeping your tank at least half full at all times, just to be safe.
Did we forget anything? Are there any not-so-obvious items that you always want handy during an outage?