Reference Letters

Brenda Orchard

“Huron County Council was impressed with the level of research conducted for the review of our service and the well-thought-out recommendations that were supported by data and best practice information. This assignment also required Emergency Management Group Inc. to delve into some difficult labor-management relationship issues and provide advice on possible solutions. As CAO, I …

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Fire Chief Paul Ryan

“I recommend Emergency Management Group for all your department Master Fire Plan needs. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable in fire service issues, standards, and industry trends. The whole process with EMG was very pleasurable and enjoyable. EMG staff worked well with all stakeholders on our Master Fire Plan.”

Michael Raine

“Your organization went the extra distance and truly made sure all of the bases were covered. This extra information and attention to detail, gave me such a better understanding of the larger picture and how we were to move forward. I was happy to know where I stood with regard to the fire stations and …

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Brenda Orchard

“As CAO, I was impressed with the way Mr. Culley handled this sensitive portion of the assignment. He provided me with sound advice that I trusted and appreciated. I observed his interaction with our EMS Chief when reviewing the findings and I greatly appreciated the forthright yet sensitive way that he communicated some of the …

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C.H. Halliday Fire Chief

“The team at Emergency Management & Training Inc. maintained a high level of professionalism and open communication throughout the review process. They took the time to consider all options, often working outside options, in order to provide council with a series of recommendations to move out Fire Services forward over the coming years. Having spent …

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