Brenda Orchard

“Huron County Council was impressed with the level of research conducted for the review of our service and the well-thought-out recommendations that were supported by data and best practice information. This assignment also required Emergency Management Group Inc. to delve into some difficult labor-management relationship issues and provide advice on possible solutions. As CAO, I …

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Fire Chief Steve Brockbank

“Trent Lakes Fire Rescue is thankful for getting the opportunity to work with the Emergency Management Group for our community Risk Assessment. Staff was very understanding efficient, polite, supportive, and accommodating which is very reassuring in such busy times.”

Assistant Fire Chief Don Kistner

“EMG Inc. worked with our Department to develop the Regina Fire & Protective Services Master Plan, which will be our foundation for the next 25 years. They were very accommodating throughout the process and effectively completed the identified deliverables. With the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, they were able to adjust and work around any …

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Fire Chief Nick Ruller

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Emergency Management Group Inc. on our Fire Master Plan process. Their staff proved to be passionate, driven, and committed to critically reviewing and examining every aspect of our organization. Furthermore, there was a direct alignment between Emergency Management Group Inc. processes and Niagara-on-the-Lake Fire & Emergency Services’ commitment …

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Fire Chief Paul Ryan

“I recommend Emergency Management Group for all your department Master Fire Plan needs. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable in fire service issues, standards, and industry trends. The whole process with EMG was very pleasurable and enjoyable. EMG staff worked well with all stakeholders on our Master Fire Plan.”

Fire Chief Chris Aubrey

“Emergency Management Group Inc went above and beyond to produce a Master Plan that will serve as the foundation for our organization for years to come. The team was professional and committed to working with all stakeholders to make recommendations that were well-researched and thorough using the depth of their experience and expertise. The team …

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Karen Cronier

The Town of Petawawa engaged Emergency Management & Training to deliver the required emergency exercise and training for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2021. The consultants also prepared the Town’s IMS based Emergency Response Plan in 2017. I worked closely with Mr. Darryl Culley and his team who provided town staff with challenging yet thoughtful training …

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Michelle Flemming

It was a pleasure to work with EM&T—they were knowledgeable both from an academic perspective and a practical perspective. They were quick to respond to our requests and provided quality deliverable within the agreed upon schedule. The EM&T team for our project was available for meetings whenever we had additional clarifications or follow up questions.

Barbara S

“Your presentation was very energetic and informative. I like your teaching style.”

Arlene C.

“Really enjoyed this course. Scott was an amazing instructor. I walked away from this weekend feeling like ‘a much improved person’. With many thanks.”